3D point Cloud scanning of projects


In November Induct started executing 3D point Cloud scanning of its projects. The installations Induct makes are often in existing, technically complex, locations where many other installations and process lines have to be taken into account. After courting several suppliers, our choice fell on a “Leica BLK360” laser scanner. It is compact and therefore easy to take with us when travelling and given Leica’s many years of experience in scanning, we were confident that this would be a good fit for us.

After the selection we had a scanner on trial for a week to scan two projects. The outcome of this trial week was even more positive than previously thought. As a result of the trial, we immediately decided to purchase a scanner and start working with 3D scanning. Meanwhile we have now scanned dozens of projects and are working on the first 2 projects where we are carrying out the complete prefabrication based on the 3D scan in combination with the drawing work in Revit. With the exception of one small (human) error, all of the ducting was correct. This means that the scan and the drawings were 100% correct!

In the meantime, we have started the next step in this development and are in the process of setting up the software in order to get the complete prefabrication, without the intervention of other software, directly out of our models. So that our sister company, Vink Products, immediately can use our design for their production.

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