Clean production area commissioned and delivered in Nigeria


Once again, we have carried out work in Nigeria on behalf of a major international client. In 2019, we were commissioned to design, supply and assemble a cleanroom. At the end of 2019, the first steps were taken to convert the existing hall into a clean food safe production area. The ceiling and part of the walls were realised quickly at the time due to the activities of an external organisation. In the intervening period, various production equipment was installed. In 2020, Induct’s project team finally delivered 700m2 of clean room, consisting of glass walls, special walls and ceilings, including the steel constructions, platforms and lighting. Partly due to COVID-19, this project has unfortunately suffered some delays.

At the beginning of this year, the Induct team travelled again to Nigeria. The activities consisted of putting the air handling unit into operation, connecting the cooling system and installing the stainless steel walls with glass. With four Induct technicians and a number of local contractors, the work was completed within four weeks. The complete climate system with clean air has been realised and is running. There is also cool air, a hygiene sluice and a dust-free room, so that production can now take place in a dust-free environment. Induct Industrial Contracting: cleaning air, anywhere, anytime!

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