This has been the focus of a number of Vink Groep companies in recent weeks. If you’ve been “together” for a long time, you do things the way you did. Like many other companies, old habits were ingrained. So it was time to reconsider whether all work processes still fit together, because even though we all work in the same building, it seemed as if we lived miles away from each other.

While enjoying lunch, we discussed extensively with various stakeholders and looked back at how we actually work with the aim of arranging things as effectively and efficiently as possible for each other. It soon became apparent that many improvements were possible, but, as is often the case, the time was never taken to work this out properly or to share it with each other. So we kept things the same.

The first changes are already noticeable and what is even more exiting is that colleagues are meeting each other again and are motivated to arrange things even better tomorrow TOGETHER!

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