Deodorization installation of Induct filters & degreases factory air


For an international customer Induct is in preparation to build a deodorization installation, entirely according to the customer’s wishes, for one of their locations in Belgium. The plant in question, where chips are produced, has two deep-frying ovens for which Induct has designed an installation to filter & degrease the frying air. The whole system will be made of stainless steel and UVC equipment from the company Bioclimatic will be used to deodorize the air.

How does photo oxidation work with UV? Photo oxidation in air works by means of direct UV exposure and highly reactive oxygen radicals generated by UV radiation. The air stream to be cleaned is passed through a reactor chamber and irradiated therein with short UV waves (UV-C, wavelength range 100 to 280 nm). The degradation takes place via direct light (photolysis, absorption of UV light) and oxidation by highly reactive oxygen radicals.

In the coming weeks, Induct will first assemble the installation on site, after which the entire installation will be installed within a few days, so that our client has minimal downtime.

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