Excellent preparations ensure air in Poland


Induct Industrial Contracting was commissioned by an international organization to supervise and realize the upgrade of production processes as the main contractor in Poland. This last weekend, December 14 and 15, an air handling unit and cooling system were hoisted and mounted on the roof. This assignment is the result of a previous successful assignment, where Induct had to ensure a clean, cool and ventilated production environment.

In recent months, many preparations have been made to make this project a success even at such a distance from home. For example, as much prefabrication work has been carried out in Katwijk as possible, with much preparatory work being done for the entire installation. A job that requires a lot of calculation and forward thinking in advance. In collaboration with Virobuster we realize ultra clean air. After the extensive preparatory process, logistically this weekend was the only possibility to deliver the entire installation, in other words, the moment of truth was finally here. The complete installation had to be placed on a 40 meter high roof. To realize this, use was made of a gigantic crane, which was built on the other side of the road. This all went well, after which the assembly could start. An excellent show of collaboration from our project team, our compliments go to everyone who was involved/participated in this!

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Monteren kanaalwerk in fabriek te Polen