Handover fully functioning LAB Synergy Health Utrecht


In early October, Induct BV delivered a full-scale lab to Synergy Health Utrecht BV at a new location in Nieuwegein. Early this year, Synergy Health Utrecht was looking for a new location for their laboratory. They found it in the former Technische Unie branch in Nieuwegein.

Induct was tasked with providing and producing the architectural and installation design for the building transformation. The deadline for the project was the 1st of October, because Synergy Health Utrecht BV had to leave its former location by then. This meant that by this date, the entire lab had to be moved and fully operational.

In close collaboration with Synergy Health BV, this resulted in a complete design within two months, and the contract for the construction of the lab could be formalised. After receiving the order, Induct and their partners, including sister companies Vink Systemen and Vipe Welding, started the demolition and construction work. The biggest challenges were mainly increasing the air handling capacity and the electrical connections in combination with the tight planning.

In order to allow the lab’s production to continue as much as possible, a start was made during construction on the phased relocation of lab furniture and equipment from the Utrecht site. After installation, these could be connected and validated immediately. Good cooperation between all parties involved meant that downtime was kept to a minimum and led to a successful completion in early October 2021.

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