Induct goes Malaysia

VSL air-o-vent, one of our sister companies, has been commissioned by Nijssen to supply material for one of their projects in Malaysia: the renovation of an existing fruit and vegetables warehouse. Together with other sister company Vink Products, VSL has prepared a sea container full of products, ready for departure to the other side of the world. In addition to supplying this material, VSL has also been given the task to supervise the project there. On behalf of VSL, Induct is going to fulfill this task: our own Youri will soon be leaving for Malaysia for a few weeks to supervise the project. Good luck, Youri!

Update 6-8-2018

It is now almost two weeks since Youri arrived in Malaysia, where he started working as a supervisor. There he leads a team of mechanics and electricians and supervises them in the assembly process of the duct work and electrical engineering. In a few weeks Youri will return to Malaysia to check the quality of the work and to arrange the air handling unit.

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