Induct in Africa

Induct likes to work in Africa. This emerging market is full of exciting possibilities to create new projects and products. We like to highlight some of these projects we recently developed in Kinshasa, Congo:

Coldroom Kinshasa

In May 2016 we built a clean room in Kinshasa, in which a temperature of -2 degrees°C is maintained continuously. In this space blocks of ice are stored. These blocks are used to transport softdrinks through the country because climatised trucks are not a commodity in Congo. 

Line 7 Kinshasa

Induct also installed the air installation in this factory. The hot air is being discharged with the use of nozzles.

Laboratory and control room in Kinshasa

In another project, Induct installed and created two completely isolated and climatised units. One of these units is being used as a laboratory, the other as a control room.

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