Induct optimises document management

Our organisation is growing everyday, and so does the amount of information. In order to ensure greater efficiency and order in the management of documents and document flows, Induct implemented WhiteVision a few weeks ago. WhiteVision is a document management system, especially for construction and installation companies, which ensures that the processes surrounding documents run more efficiently. This includes processing scanned documents, text recognition and linking documents to the ERP system.

We have already noticed that working with a DMS (document management system) has a big advantage for us: we save a lot of time! We are able to process nearly twice as many invoices within the same time. The great advantage for our creditors is of course that the incoming invoices, by mail or by email, are automatically being processed and paid for.

Because of this efficiency action, we can focus even better on our core business and provide our customers with an even better service.


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