Innovative solution during COVID-19


Green Bullet Trap, part of Induct, has found the solution to disinfect rifles without using alcoholic disinfectants. Green Bullet Trap has designed a way to disinfect rifles in a few seconds by using UV-C light! In shooting clubs the same rifle is often used by different people. In these times with the danger of COVID-19 this is a great solution.

As Induct we are specialized in creating an ultra clean and sterile indoor climate worldwide. The Green Bullet Trap team came up with the idea to create this product, on which Induct sponsored the Virobuster technique for killing the viruses and SSV Katwijk built the box..

It is actually very simple. To disinfect a gun, it is placed in the box. The box is closed and the button is turned which activates the UV-C light. The rifle is irradiated by the light from all sides and is free of all viruses within 5 seconds. Fast, safe, simple and without chemicals on the rifle!

Besides cleaning rifles, this technique can also be applied to other products. Cleaning air everywhere. Also on shooting ranges!

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