Reinier Vis and Peter Krombeen join team Induct


Reinier Vis and Peter Krombeen have recently joined the Induct team. Reinier has gained the necessary experience as a BIM Modeler at an organisation that specialises in installation technology. In addition to this excellent work experience, Reinier was able to obtain various relevant Revit Autodesk certificates. All of which will help Reinier to make his position as “project engineer” at Induct a great success.

Peter Krombeen will join Induct as supervisor/assembly manager. In recent years, Peter has worked as a technical supervisor at a large amusement park, and before that as an assembly supervisor in the utility sector. Peter will mainly focus on managing and supervising our assembly staff and will bridge the gap between project engineering and execution.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Reinier and Peter and wish them well with their new challenge.

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