The mayor of Katwijk visits Induct


During a meeting of the Katwijk business association, the management of Induct, in the persons of Willem Vis and Jan Nijkamp, spoke with the mayor of Katwijk. Cornelis Visser is Mayor of the of Katwijk for 1.5 years now and after a good conversation he was invited at Induct.  After a few weeks the secretary of the mayor has contacted us to make an appointment for a visit. The mayor and Ton den Exter, economics advisor Katwijk, visited the Nijverheidstraat in Katwijk last week. During the visit a presentation was given about Vink Groep. Hereafter, we focused on Induct. There was a guided tour through the factory and the various offices. After an impressive working visit of more than 1.5 hours the duo has left again. Impressed by our organization and the Group.

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