The rebuilding of Plukon Food Group

In March 2017 there was a big fire in the food processing plant of Plukon Food Group in Wezep. Because the whole factory was covered in soot, it was decided to demolish the whole facility to rebuild a new production, store and distribution centre. Induct made a plan for modular prefabrication of the HVAC and utilities installations. We installed it in the early stage of the building process, so the unrealistic short time schedule to rebuild this huge food processing plant could be achieved. Together with our sister companies  ViPe Welding, Vink Systemen and PHF Services from the Vink Groep and the use of utility bridges, the food processing plant was up and running within time.

In the Dutch magazine Installatie & Bouw, number 2 – 2018, a nice article is written about how Induct managed this challenging project together with the sister companies. The whole article can be read here (the article is in Dutch).  Curious about more footage of this project? Check out this impressive time lapse!

Plukon Induct Induct_Plukon

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