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Shooting range:
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Induct is an expert on airflows, air filtering and air quality. In addition, Induct has an innovative solution for the bullet traps and shooting range ventilation that tackles the pollution problem at the source. The innovative bullet traps catch the projectiles and slow them down in a controlled manner so they no longer shatter. The result is less pollution, less dust, and less maintenance.


Induct’s mission is to create a safe environment for you or your product. When you think of shooting ranges, your first idea is that the biggest danger is being hit by a projectile that has been fired. In practice, the safety rules at shooting ranges are so strict that this danger has been reduced to practically zero. It is reasonably easy to see whenever someone is handling a weapon unsafely. But there is a much greater danger that is more or less invisible.


The danger lies in the particles that end up in the air when the weapon is fired. In addition to the combustion gases and vapours that are released when the weapon is fired, particles are also released into the air when the projectile smashes. A substantial amount of dust is released, consisting mainly of heavy metals. The greatest danger at the shooting range is inhaling those harmful particles. This is a considerable risk, especially for people who spend a considerable amount of time at shooting ranges, such as instructors and maintenance staff.


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Have a look at the specifications

SSV Katwijk

100 m shooting range at shooting range club SSV Katwijk. Induct co-designed the layout and was total installer for the shooting systems, ventilation system and bullet traps at the shooting range of the Katwijk Sport Shooting Association.

Wheeled bullet trap
Verrijdbare kogelvanger

Mobile bullet trap suitable for rifles up to .308 caliber

The larger portable bullet traps are eminently suitable for quickly adapting a range for government and dynamic disciplines such as IPSC, military and service pistols and steel plates. These walls are custom-made for you.

Ammunition testing
Munitie kogelvanger

Bullet trap for testing ammunition, weapons and for forensic investigation.

Air flow wall

Air flow wall for the laminar flow of clean air.

Roof ducts
Schietbaan_Geluiddichte en kogeldichte luchtdoorvoeren

Soundproof and bulletproof air ducts.

IPSC / Prices

Contact us for the details and prices of other sizes and mobile bullet trap walls.

Air supply systems
Schietbaan_Geluiddichte en kogeldichte luchtdoorvoeren

Soundproof and bulletproof air ducts.

Mobile police bullet trap

Mobile police bullet traps for taking police shooting tests.

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